Work with us

Who are we looking for?

We are quite aware that our success depends mostly on the capacity and commitment of those who work with us. Therefore right from the start we are very rigorous on the selection of professionals who will become part of our team. We look for people who have determination, commitment, responsibility and common sense.

At our firm we are a team. The complexity of our work demands a tight knitted collaboration between the professionals of the different areas, thus the reason we search for professionals who will adapt in working with a team.

It is mandatory the correct domain of the English language since most of our clients are foreigners.

If you posses the qualities above mentioned and want to join our team please contact us by filling out the form that is provided in the of Contacts page.

Apart from your resume, please also provide along with application a presentation letter written in English and Portuguese explaining the reasons why you wish to be one of the lawyers, or attorney trainee of our team. Our email address is to be sent to law @ bsgg.pt