International Presence

BSGG is established in Lisbon and Funchal, maintaining privileged relations with renowned international firms.

BSGG is a member of EURO AMERICAN LAWYERS GROUP (EALG), an association that has about twenty-two law firms in North America and Europe. However, the Firm is, independent of any exclusive connection with any association.


In Brazil BSGG has a strong presence branded under the name Castro, Barros, Sobral, Gomes, Lawyers who are headquarted with offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Our Lisbon headquarters is in permanent contact with the Brazil offices, and on occasions receives Brazilian lawyers for over extended periods of time, allowing us significant expertise on the Brazilian jurisdiction.

Angola | Mozambique

BSGG provides all types of legal services related to foreign investment in these countries, from legal counsel, business advice to the support in trading activities.